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Spanish River Carbonatite

Spanish River Carbonatite (SRC) is a powerful natural mineral-based fertilizer and soil conditioner.

This unique blend of minerals is extracted from a rare magmatic deposit in Ontario Canada. The Sudbury nickel basin is a crater formed many years ago by meteor impact, which happens to be at a fault line along shifting tectonic plates. This combination has allowed for access to a rare and mighty combination of volcanic minerals derived from deep inside the Earth’s surface.

Spanish River Carbonite Video

Spanish River Carbonatite supplies life-essential chemistry to soils and water. The mineral composition in SRC align with the same mineral attributes found in the most fertile soils of the world. When applied to our soils, studies and trials have shown an astounding improvement in mineralogical/microbial/ plant interaction and overall soil health. This results in healthier plants abounding in growth and flavor but also able to fight off disease and potential resistance to Spotted Wing Drosphilia (SWD).

OMRI approved for Organic use.

Proven Plant Response

Herb Plants

Higher Brix content and increased nutrient density in fruits and vegetables

Organic Vegetables

Increased vibrancy of color, health, blooming and plant growth

Organic Carrots

Larger root systems. Increased resistance to disease

  • These minerals are a complex mixture of calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, trace elements and rare earths most essential to feeding microbes and boosting microbiological activity in soils.

  • SRC minerals not immediately used by plants or soil organisms are not lost. Although extremely reactive, this source provides 3-year time release until it weathers to sand, resulting in long term nutrient availability.

  • SRC belongs to the family of alkalic rocks, a very unique group of “high reactivity” rocks. The mineral constituents, sitting at the top of “solubility and reactivity series”.  Plants benefit immediately from application. SRC is the most reactive plant-available mineral source form of calcium carbonate, phosphorus, and potassium.

  • It reduces aluminum toxicity and buffers acidification and other soil toxicities resulting from chemical fertilizer application.

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