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1 pound USDA Certified Organic American Elderberries (Sambucus canadensis) grown on our family farm in Morrow, Ohio, USA. Processed and packaged on site at peak ripeness. We strive to provide you with highest quality elderberries. 


Fresh berries are NOT SHIPPED and must be picked up at our farm (Goshen or Morrow location). To arrange for pickup, please contact us BEFORE you purchase. We will arrange a pick up time/location with you directly. 


Fresh berries are only available during the month of August. 

Fresh Elderberries

  • The fresh berries can be squeezed to create a delicious juice. The juice can be mixed with other fruit juices (pomegranate, grape, apple, or white grape), turned into a syrup by adding honey, or frozen and saved for later. 

    The juice should be heated to 160 degrees F to remove toxins, always use caution if consuming raw elderberry. 


    To juice the berries, grab cheesecloth, a brewers grain bag, or a tea towel (it will be stained by the berries). Wrap the berries and squeeze. Your hands will be stained purple temporary. 


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